What is re:Search?

re:Search® is a web-based platform that is accessible from any desktop or mobile device that allows legal professionals and the judiciary to securely search electronic court records and documents throughout the state – directly from the courts’ databases. And soon other users will be able to access re:Search.

A single source for all the information you need
How re:Search Works

How It Works

Case data and documents from the entire state are accessible to attorneys from a single, unified portal that is easily accessed with your eFile state login. You are empowered with anytime access to the information necessary to stay informed, effective and successful.

Why re:Search?

Change the way you research cases to save you time and yield greater results. Gone are the days of signing in to multiple jurisdictions to get the information you need.

A single database. A single application. A single account.

Why re:Search?

Ready to Start re:Searching?

Have an eFile account?

If you have an eFile account, then you are ready to start. Use your eFile credentials to sign into re:Search. If you don’t have an eFile account, please register at your state’s eFile site today. It is as simple as that.

Easily Purchase Documents
Easily purchase documents through re:Search. Simply preview the document you want to purchase, add it to your shopping cart, and check out. You can even bill your client with our detailed invoices.

What can you do with re:Search?

  • Search for all filings and activity on your cases, including dockets, motions, appeals and orders
  • Study opposing counsel – see case types, study their legal documents and how they structure their arguments
  • Study filings in other similar cases across the state for reference
  • Know the parties in your case – are they currently or have they previously been involved in other matters, either locally or in other jurisdictions?
  • Easily start subsequent e-filings into the cases you find in re:Search

Changing the Game

re:Search has not only changed the way you search for case information, it is changing the game period! Upcoming features include:

  • Search the text within of millions of documents statewide – not just the summaries.
  • Receive alerts on current or new cases involving parties you’re interested in or represent
  • Save searches for future uses and export search results
  • Collaborate with your co-counsel or paralegals, sharing case notes and documents